2012 (Demo)

Masked Betrayer
Attention whore
Hate the way you selfish self
comes out
Ya’ hide it well
Pretend to be a saint behind
your wall
Empty mind
Feed your jealousy with my disgrace
Empty life
Laugh at my despair through your
mind games
A devil inside, you can’t fool me,
I know the real you
Your lies for me are useless,
I know your mask will fall

Stabs the back
Masked betrayer
Integrity lack
Masked betrayer

Time of Death
Civil war, internal chaos
The city is dominated
People flee, people die
Guilty and innocent
In a place without opportunities
In a place without hope
We can only wait for death

Threatening reaction
Threatening respect
Extremely force for destruction
Time of death
Time of death
Real life, real situation
Critical mind, critical obliteration
Real life, real situation
Critical mind, critical oblietarion
Insanely disturbing reality
Feeding a big freak show
Time of death

Invisible Opression
You cannot hide
Camera eyes are everywhere
Then you must lie
Cause “friends” are nothing but
a mask

Lock your mind
Invisible opression
Thougths’ disguise
Invisible opression

Freedom of speech
Taken from you silently
There’s no way left
Succumb to their dirty web of lies