Power trio female thrash metal from São Paulo, formed by Fernanda Lira (bass and vocals), Prika Amaral (guitar and backing vocals) and Luana Dametto (drums).

Despite being part of groups of different styles previously, death metal and crossover, all the members see in the compositions of Nervosa a same passion: thrash metal. With strong influences coming from bands of the classic style school, the girls of the band seek to rescue the best in heavy music.

Prika Amaral started the band in February 2010, and in July 2011 Fernanda Lira took on the bass and vocals of NERVOSA, and only then, finally with the full team, did the band start working as a professional band – composing, recording, doing shows

In March 2012, the band released their first music video for “Masked Betrayer,” which reached the incredible mark for a new band of 20,000 views in just one week, prompting them to receive an Honorable Mention from YouTube, the 17th place of clips of musicians most seen of the week and 55o more seen in the month of March of that year.

Thanks to the notoriety gained through his hard work, NERVOSA in the following months, achieved a great achievement: the contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records, who has in his roster names like Cavalera Conspiracy, WASP, Grave Digger, Moonspell, Huntress, among many others.

Still in 2012, the band’s first record, a demo with 3 tracks, was released in Brazil on CD independently, under the title ‘2012’ in August, and abroad by Napalm Records on turquoise vinyl, and by Nuclear Blast, in a transparent version, both under the title ‘Time Of Death’, whose cover art was designed by the artist Andrei Bouzikov, who has worked with several bands previously, such as Municipal Waste.

Nervosa closes the year 2012 with a very positive balance with more than 50 shows made around the country, among them, dividing the stage with bands like Exodus, Raven, Grave, Samael (in the Roça n Roll festival), Exumer and Artillery , among others.

After a period of exchange of drummers, who assumed the position in February of 2013 was Pitchu Ferraz.

Thus, the year of 2013 began with a renewed pique, and the band continued to promote their EP throughout the country, with shows in several states, and even a tour of the North and Northeast of the country, as well as sharing the stage with other great names of the world scene as Korzus, Basement Rats and still Destruction, Exciter, Blaze Bayley, Kreator, DRI and Benediction.

In 2014, the girls finished the recording of their first full lenght, titled Victim of Yourself, which had 12 tracks and whose cover was signed again by the artist Andrei Bouzikov, and a poster produced by the Brazilian artist Rafael Romanelli.

The album was released in March of the same year by Napalm Records in Europe and North America and by other record companies and distributors in South America, Japan and Russia. In addition to the traditional CD format, 4 vinyl versions were also released – in black, blue, red and transparent colors, distributed by Napalm Records itself and also by Nuclear Blast.

Two clips were released throughout the disc’s promotion: ‘Death!’, Which achieved record-breaking views of the band’s videos (over 1 million views), and ‘Into Moshpit’, a live video compilation that demonstrates the energy of the live show of the girls.

These two singles, added to the other tracks of the album, made ‘Victim of Yourself’ a great response from the metal public, as well as being prominent and good evaluations in major magazines in the segment around the world, such as the European Metal Hammer, Rock Hard , Terrorizer and Bass Guitar, the American Revolver and Guitar World and even the Japanese Burrrn, as well as the Brazilian Roadie Crew, Bass Player, Guitar Player and Modern Drummer.

The good reception of the album was essential to result in a long and intense tour that lasted for the years 2014 and 2015. To promote the album in Brazil, the band played in 17 states, went through 7 countries in Latin America and made a a successful European tour with 51 shows in 60 days, including a total of 16 countries on the continent, including performances at some of Europe’s biggest summer festivals such as Summerbreeze, Brutal Assault, Metal Days, Obscene Extreme, among others.

The Victim of Yourself tour also took the band to the United States for the first time in 2016. Starting with two presentations on the already traditional ‘70000 tons of metal’ metal ship leaving Florida and heading to Jamaica, the tour also passed through much of the west coast of the country and also the south, with more than 30 concerts from the state of Washington to the state of Florida. In addition, other new territories were explored by Nervosa, such as Mexico, where the band toured two weeks, and other locations such as Puerto Rico and Peru.

In 2016, the band recorded their new album, titled ‘Agony’. Recorded and produced in the states of California and Oregon in the United States by Brendan Duffey and mixed and mastered by thrash master Andy Classen, the album had its worldwide release announced for June 3 by the Austrian label Napalm Records.

This same year was also very intense in relation to shows to promote his latest album: there were more than 160 shows in 2016.

‘Agony’ promotion tours include a European summer tour with nearly 50 dates, a full month of shows on the US East Coast and Canada as well as two European tours as special guests of the German band Destruction for, in all, almost 60 shows, being part of them next to also the great names Flotsam & Jetsam and Enforcer.

In 2017, who officially takes the sticks of the band is the competent Luana Dametto, who already enters participating in the composition of the new album of NERVOSA, scheduled for 2018, and also facing the second stage of Agony promotion tours.

The ‘World in Agony Tour’ will be a tour with the intention of exploring several countries and continents around the world. So far it is announced the stages in Brazil (which has been taking place since February), in Mexico and Central America in May and June and in Europe during the months of July, August and part of September. In addition, plans are already being worked out to take the tour back to the US and Canada, as well as to South America and also in new territories, such as Asia.


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