Luana Dametto

From the city of Tapejara, Luana Dametto comes from a wave of drummers from the strong Extreme Metal scene in Rio Grande do Sul.

She started playing drums at the age of 12 when she had the first contact with music through the internet.

Being most of its influences coming from Death Metal, her most remarkable  characteristics in the drumming are the blast beats, always well marked bass drums and visceral drum fills.

At the age of 16 she entered a Death Metal band from Passo Fundo that was changing its name and line-up – Apophizys, as it is called in the current line-up. This band remains active and made her enter the underground scene playing at most of the state’s festivals,  which formed most of the personality as a drummer, and brought her style of playing to the public.

Parallel to the musical world itself, she worked with Graphic Design, which she used to create the brand Necroptich Arts  and started doing only works for Metal bands, like booklets, posters and covers.

In early 2017 she joined Nervosa, where she remains until today.


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